Parade Rules

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Parade Rules



The FIRST and LAST word is SAFETY

• Do NOT block the entry ways
• Pedestrians must remain aware of moving vehicles in the staging area!
• DO NOT THROW CANDY – you may hand out candy by someone walking with your float.


  • Throwing candy could draw children out into the path of the parade.
  • All participants may line up in their assigned spaces any time after 9:30 in the morning.
  • Participating vehicles must be in their spaces by 10:45 am. Drive ways back to staging areas will be closed after 11:00 to ensure participant safety.
  • Vehicles and participants must follow the parade route only. This especially includes participants on horseback and vehicles with floats.
  • Entries MUST NOT exceed 15 feet in width; our streets are narrower in width than normal.
  • It is requested that you take into consideration the age of those of your group who are walking. If they are not able to keep up at the parade pace we ask that you provide wagons or a vehicle for them to ride so as to not slow the parade down.
  • Any group with animals must provide their own clean-up crew. Those following you do not appreciate having to step around your “gifts”. The cleaning crew must follow your group to the origination point. For dogs, plastic bags will be sufficient. For livestock, a wagon and shovel will be sufficient. Horses with wagons must have catchers or a cleaning crew following.
  • Walkers must keep up with the parade and their unit – everyone is waiting to see their child and slowing down the parade is inconsiderate of others.
  • PLEASE NO SANTA CLAUS ON YOUR FLOATS. The final float will carry the official Santa and Mrs. Clause of the festival. We want to present a believable experience for our young audience by presenting only one Santa Claus in the parade. We want to see your own personalities and interpretations of the theme shine through your floats. Please help us by not presenting multiple Santas in the parade.


If you have any specific questions you may call Jared Weimer at 513-968-2929 or send an email to: or

Thank you for your participation and we hope that these rules will enhance the parade experience for all of us.

Best Regards,
Jared Weimer, Parade Chair