Festival Officials

Four elected offices, each serving a 2-year term, for the Springboro Christmas Festival committee: President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, and Secretary.

Get to know the 2021 officials:

President Wendell Weimer
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    Wendell s originally from Ithaca, Ohio and has been part of the Springboro Community for many years. He has been a part of the South Dayton Church of Christ here in Springboro for over 15 years. He has volunteered the last 13 years on the festival committee and now serves as the President.

Vice-President Gavin Peters
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    Full time owner/operator of his security business, GHP Services. He was born and raised in Springboro and year after year dedicated countless hours to making sure our festival runs smoothly. He has volunteered on the Springboro Christmas Festival committee for over 30 years!

Treasurer Yolanda Oster
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    Raised in the Springboro/Lebanon communities since she was 5 years old. She has a background and degree in Hospitality Management working her side business as an Event Planner for the last 5 years in conjunction with her career position as a Project Manager. She has volunteered on the festival committee for the last 3 years.

Secretary Jerad Weimer
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    From West Chester, Ohio and currently live in Lebanon, Ohio. Jared has volunteered on the committee since 2015. He is Active Duty for the Ohio Army National Guard currently completing his 19th year in uniform.

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