Springboro, OH – Meets the Sis Loves Me Series

November 9, 2020

Concept of Sis Loves Me is based upon the sexual tension that occurs between young and healthy step-siblings. And the nice people of Springboro, OH – love it! Thus, its scenes depict seductive young girls, who act provocatively towards their step-brothers, and get their payback in form of various sexual actions. Though this is one old fetish, it’s still damn attractive and tempting in Springboro, OH. Main niche, thereafter, is Teen (18+), while the subniche is Stepsister.

Though there is no update schedule and you cannot preview the updates, their official tube hotsislovesme.com stably provides one new scene every 7 days for free, which is once a week. They have been doing so since the very start (though in April they had a period when the site was updating only once in two weeks).

The Trailer of new series with Febby Twigs & Lily Glee:

When Febby Twigs discovers that there’s something going on between her best friend Lily Glee and her step brother Alex Jett, she gets super jealous and confronts her brother about it. She tells him if he’s gonna be hooking up with girls, he should be doing it with her. The next day, Lily comes back looking for Alex, the step siblings come clean and conclude that the only thing left to do is for Lily to join them.